White-Footed Ants:

Nests are usually outside in trees, shrubs or hollow branches, under potted plants, in palm fronds and even under leave piles. Nests are usually abandoned and relocated when disturbed. Colonies have many queens that spread out to sub-colonies and reproduce by swarming.

Carpenter Ants:

These are the largest ants in size found in Florida. They fly indoor and outdoor and seek voided areas to nest. They usually nest in soft materials such as rotten wood and/or Styrofoam.

Sugar Ants:

Sugar ants have an orange-brown body with black head and mouth and get its name from its liking for sugar and savory foods.

Fire Ants:

There are about 300 types of Fire Ants throughout the world, however the most common in Florida has a three sectioned body showing three sets of legs along with an antennae. They range from 2-6 millimeteres and range black to red in color. They have a toxic bite which leads to painful stinging sensation which causes itching and swelling.

We offer a free inspection for outdoor/lawn areas for Fire ants, trees/bushes for White-footed ants and Carpenter ants or indoor for several species of ants. We offer monthly and bi-monthly programs.

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